Anlong project, Puping City, Guizhou province, country China

Due date:
– The construction of the project started November, year 2017.
– The project was ready to be used in May, year 2018.

General information:
– Total project consists of 3 times 3000 sow unit’s, 1 time gilts unit,
1 time adaptation unit, 1 time boars and 1 time weaner unit.
– European based design 3000 sow farrow to wean operation per stable, adapted to the customer’s needs and wishes.
– Production of 220.000 piglets annually.
– Local climate conditions
During summer time: 38 degrees
During winter time: minus 5 degrees.  

Sow stable:
– European designed sow stables with high labor efficiency and cost-effective walking routes.
– Week system with in the 3000 sow unit, 768 farrowing crates, 2240 gestation and 257 mating crates.
– Weaner stable (for transport delivery) with 1200 piglets.
– Gilts and adaptation stable with respectively 960 and 640 sows.

Technical installations:
– European designed climate control system by means of central exhaust ventilation.
– Central air intake regulation by means of air intake curtains at the farrowing stable.
– Directly air intake regulation by means of air intake valves at the mating and gestation stable.
– “Fresh-nose” ground channel controlled climate system for ideal circumstances for sows and piglets.
– Central boiler heating installation (Height Efficiency) with pre heating, floor heating and room heating.
– Chain conveyor feeding installation with mulitply feed sources.
– All walls are made of PVC, easy to clean for extra hygiene.