About us


Looking forward in the future with the customer and taking an appropriate competitive position. As you can see in our slogan: “the future is part of our solution.” The multifaceted knowledge in systems and installations have a major role.

By developing turn-key solutions which we relieve the customer of worries and obligations, give direction for better success for customers and organizations. We do this with employees who work in solidarity with each other and with appreciation for everyone’s convictions.

The internal values of honesty, openness and each one’s opinion counts! Our ambition is to be distinctive with a goal-oriented approach in order to be able to deploy someone in all kind of possibilities (from design to start-up).


The vision within the company is to keep the focus on advising, supplying and calculating products and systems that have added value. Products and-/or production that can be produced or purchased in Asia-pacific (or other continents), we can take an advising role.

By developing in various countries and systems where we have to keep our focus on the main components. But if needed, and one of our customers wants us to relieve them, we can provide everything. Our goal is to develop our company to become active in other countries where we can broaden our network and brand awareness.

Our solutions

Turn-key farm solutions
Ventilation systems
Feeding installations
Air filtration
PVC walls
Air intake systems
Heating installations
CAS – air wash systems
Stable designs
Farm management

Bouwimpex Projects

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